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Feng Shui Xing

Gold Candle Stand

Gold Candle Stand

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Introducing our exquisite Gold and Glass Candle Holder, meticulously designed to harmonize with the principles of Feng Shui. The lustrous gold-plated metal base represents wealth, prosperity, and positive energy, making it more than just a candle holder—it's a symbol of balance and abundance in your living space. The crystal-clear glass hurricane complements the golden hue, creating a visually captivating centerpiece that not only elevates your decor but also channels the flow of positive qi. Illuminate your surroundings in style while inviting prosperity and serenity with our Gold and Glass Candle Holder, a perfect fusion of aesthetics and Feng Shui principles.

Material : Glass

Package included :1Pcs Candle Stand(No candles included)

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