Using your Feng Shui Money Corner to bring Wealth into Your Life

Using your Feng Shui Money Corner to bring Wealth into Your Life

How to find it and activate your Feng Shui Money Corner to bring wealth, prosperity and abundance into your life.

How to use the Feng Shui Ba Gua to find your money corner

Feng Shui is developed from an understanding of nature and natural energy patterns. From this has developed a map, called the Ba Gua. The Ba Gua needs to be aligned with the compass and placed over a plan of your home or office. From this you can identify the 8 different sectors of your home.
With Feng Shui in the Northern hemisphere the primary wealth corner is in the South Eastern sector and in the Southern hemisphere the wealth corner is in the North Eastern sector of your home or office.

How to decorate your Feng Shui money corner

Most importantly you need to keep the wealth area of your home clean and free of clutter. This allows the Qi to flow. To activate the money corner place items that symbolize money, abundance and prosperity in this area. Perfect items to use here are images of moving water, such as waterfalls and crashing waves, a money tree plant and plants that cleanse the air, items that are gold or purple and items and images that evoke wealth for you.

Feng Shui Xing Money Corner waterfall

Elements and colors for your wealth corner

Each area of the Ba Gua has an associated element and colors. The element for the Wealth area is Wood and it’s colors are green and brown. So, include items made of wood and in these colors in your wealth area. The element wood is strengthened by water and earth and you can use these elements and colors too (blue and black for water, tans, creams and yellow for earth). Wood is weakened by metal (white) and fire (red and orange) and you need to avoid these elements and colors as they will work against the energy of abundance.

Glass vases with earth toned stones or pebbles, clear fresh water and lush round-leaf living plants, and placed on a wooden table introduce all the elements of prosperity into your wealth corner.

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