How to use the Bagua in Feng Shui

How to use the Bagua in Feng Shui

The Bagua is one of the primary tools used in Feng Shui. It is, in essence, an energy map. The Bagua is divided into eight areas and each of these has an associated life area, with its own color, associated shapes and Feng Shui element connected with it.​ You can apply the Bagua to your home and office to enhance the positive Qi and attract more wealth, love, prosperity and abundance into your life.

Chosing the correct bagua

It is important to note that, as Feng Shui is based on the natural environment, where the equator brings warmth and gentle winds, to be embraced, and the poles are cold and harsh, to be protected from, the Bagua diagrams for the Northern and Southern hemispheres are mirror images of each other. The East and West remain the same. So be sure to use the correct diagram when applying the principles of Feng Shui to help to draw wealth, prosperity and abundance to your home.

The eight sectors of the bagua

The Bagua is divided into eight sectors. These are Recognition and Fame, Wealth and Prosperity, Family and Health, Education and Knowledge, Career Prospects, Helpful People, Children, and Marriage and Romance. Each area has associated colors, elements and shapes. These are shown on the Bagua diagrams below. 
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How to use the bagua in your home

To apply the Bagua to your home you will need to take a compass reading and then overlay a diagram of the Bagua over a floor plan of your home. This way you will identify which areas of your home correspond to the eight sectors of the Bagua. The Bagua can also be applied to each room individually in the same manner. If you home is long and narrow, for example, stretch the shape of Bagua to cover all of the floor plan.

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Feng Shui Xing Bagua Northern Hemisphere
Feng Shui bagua for the southern hemisphere, find your lucky areas
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